Christmas 2000

Dear Friends and Family,

Another year, another one to come, and even more promise of happiness and success for our ever-growing and ever-changing family.

Alex is growing and growing and growing. Entering the 3rd grade this year, he continues to be a model student. His newest news is the teeth-expander he now sports in preparation for braces. As happy as he is tall, he continues to be our perfect son. Alex spends a lot of time roller blading and playing on the Nintendo as much as we allow.

Stephanie, our little lady, is blooming into a beautiful 6-year-old doll. She, too, is excelling in school and has recently become enthralled with old home movies. Showing more and more emotions, she really misses her Daddy when he has to be away.

Carrie took a paid position at the Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society where she puts in 20 hours per week as a financial counselor. That way she still has time with the kids when they are out of school. Carrie continues her blinding pace of life by balancing work, kids, our home, exercise and volunteerism at the kidsí school as well as around the base with Toys for Tots, Key Volunteers, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts to name a few.

It has been a banner year for me. Picking up the rank of Captain in May, I completed my first marathon two days later. Spending October and December in the field and followed by another week at the beginning of December, I am glad to be home. During my time in the field, we found out that I was selected for the Special Education Program. Under this program, I will be sent to Monterey, CA, for two years and earn a masterís degree in Information Technology Systems (on the Marine Corps bill). I will then serve four years as a payback tour and then retire.  We have enjoyed our tour in the desert, but look forward to moving onto greener pastures, literally.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Sidney, our cat of 11 years. He got sick and we had to bid him farewell. The kids still mention how much they miss him and then we recall how much we loved him.  Now Peachy gets all the attention to herself, the spoiled rotten girl.

As our present to ourselves, we decided to stay put for the holidays. Being away so much this year, we wanted nothing more than to be home. But during this holiday season, please know that we are thankful for all of your love and prayers. We have been and continue to be truly blessed by Godís graces.

Jason, Carrie, Alex, Stephanie, and Peachy