Christmas 1994

Dear Friends and Family,

We are once again happy to be sending out a warm Christmas greeting to all of you. We truly hope that this letter finds all of you happy and safe during the joyful yet turbulent holiday season.

This year has been an exciting one for our ever-expanding family. In February we celebrated Alex's second birthday. He got just a little bit of attention from his grandpa, grandma, aunts, and uncles. That boy is an attention sponge.

The biggest news of the year for us is of course the birth our beautiful baby girl, Stephanie Lynn. She made her debut in the world on June 12th and has been gaining weight and cuteness at an alarming rate. She now tips the scale at 17 lbs 8 oz! But she is a beautiful, healthy, happy little girl.

Two weeks after Stephanie was born I left to go to Officer's Candidate School in Quantico Virginia. It was really tough for me, not only being in that type of environment but also having a newborn that I missed terribly. But she gave me incentive to do well and get home safe and sound. Six weeks later I came home and was handed my gorgeous baby daughter whom I have cherished ever since.

Currently I am in my second year at the University of Washington. I have changed my major from Computer science to Technical Communications which is an engineering degree. I'll be done in 1997 and then be sent to Virginia for 6 more months of training. So for now I am enjoying the time I have with Carrie and the kids.

Carrie has been having a ball living here near her family. Now that she has a toddler and a newborn, the extra help has really been a blessing. With the close support of all our friends we have realized how lucky we are to be near loved ones. Carrie is now playing on a basketball league and is considering baby sitting a child near Alex's age next year. She just doesn't have enough to do already (Ha!)
So we are all doing just fine and enjoying life to the fullest. We hope to hear from all of you soon and wish you the very merriest of holiday seasons. Have a safe New Year's Eve and best of luck for a prosperous new year!

                                                                                  May God bless you all,

                                                                          Jason, Carrie, Alex, Stephanie, and Sidney