Dear Friends and Family,                                                                               Christmas 1998

What a wonderful and full year we have had! Now that it is coming to an end, we want to reflect and take this opportunity to wish all of you a merry Christmas holiday season. Like always, it has been a hectic and exciting year that has been marked by transitions and new beginnings.

Carrie’s attention has turned to volunteerism to keep her busy. Two days a week, she volunteers for the Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society, performing financial counseling for needy servicemembers. She also helps out in Alex’s classroom on Fridays and reads stories to children at the library on Wednesdays. Other commitments include being a Key Wife volunteer, helping new couples in the area adjust to the desert life, as well as involvement in the Officers’ Wives Club. On the sports side, she still maintains a workout schedule and is currently playing for the base’s woman’s basketball team. She does all of this and still finds time to take care of the house, the kids, and me. Like always, she is the loving force that holds us all together.

Alex is now in first grade and he is becoming the little scholar boy. He loves his school, gushes over his teacher, and does homework with enthusiasm. His favorite subject is math (YES!). He played basketball, tee ball, and soccer this year and is currently a tiger scout in the Boy Scout organization. Alex was chosen for the “Early Readers Program” which identifies children who show exceptional early reading skills and builds on them. He goes to school 1/2 hour early and gets one on one lessons from a specialized teacher. He loves the program and now reads everything from library books to stop signs. Still tall and thin, the boy is as much a miniature of his Dad as Steph is of her mother.

Stephanie has blossomed into a little lady while keeping that edge of attitude we all know and love. She is in preschool 5 days a week where she has already received a marriage proposal. Like Alex, she loves her teachers and seems to enjoy school. Next year she will be starting soccer and gymnastics. Her favorite pastime is playing with brother and still loves Sidney the cat more than the cat would care for. She enjoyed a visit from Grandma and Grandpa this year and misses them greatly. Every night when I ask her who she is, she says, “Daddy’s Little Girl.”

As for me, I started the year finishing up The Basic School in Quantico. After six months, I went back to Washington for a few weeks before reporting into 29 Palms California for duty. I became the adjutant for the 1st Tank Battalion and shortly thereafter picked up the duties as the battalion legal officer. Long hours mark my weeks but have made a good impression with my work ethic and accomplishments. I played on the football team this year for the first time since 6th grade. Practicing every day kept me feeling twice my age but the work paid off with an undefeated 9-0 season. Other responsibilities including tutoring school-age kids on Saturdays and being a scout leader for Alex’s Tiger Cub meetings. I enjoyed visiting Disneyland for the first time this year and am most thankful for the visits we had with family and friends.

As a family, we are enjoying life. Starting off apart, we were reunited when Carrie and the kids drove down to live here in the desert. We lived off-base until we got on-base housing which we really love. A spacious 3-bedroom townhouse that is brand new with air-conditioning (As you can imagine, an important feature here). The best part of the deal is that we live on a cult-e-sac with other officers who also have kids around Alex and Steph’s age. They love the horde of kids that they can play with and we are thankful for the safe and friendly neighborhood that we can practically leave our doors unlocked and let the kids run amuck without worry.

That about wraps up our year and we are heading back to Oklahoma to spend it with my family this year. Carrie’s family made the trip out here for Thanksgiving and we have already had many family guests that we genuinely enjoyed spending time with. So we are thankful to have had the opportunity to spend time with loved ones and know that we are blessed. Happy holidays and I will finish with an Irish blessing: “May the road rise to meet you.  May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face.  May the rain fall softly upon your fields.  And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

Jason, Carrie, Alex, Steph, and Sid the Cat
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