Christmas 1999

Dear Friends and Family,

We have been blessed this year with so many good things that it will be hard to tell you about them all. But what we are most thankful for is all of your love and support over this hectic and action-packed year.

Alex continues to grow and amaze us. This year, his growth included losing many teeth and gaining many inches. He was involved in Cub Scouts, swimming, AWANA, and soccer. Ever the student, he loved school and gets high praise from his teachers for his behavior and enthusiasm.

Stephanie retained her title as “Daddy’s Little Girl.” She, too, was involved in Girl Scouts, swimming, AWANA, and soccer, where she earned her very first trophy. School seems to be her specialty and her memory is spooky-accurate.

Carrie, as you might have guessed, is still impossibly busy every day. Battalion Key Volunteer Coordinator, Officers Wive’s Club member, Girl Scout troop leader, soccer-mom, Navy Marine Corps Society volunteer, grade school volunteer, and loving mother above all fills her days (and most nights, too!) She takes the kids to the bus stop and is there to pick them up every day. Of all the volunteerism she does, her most precious time is with the kids and it is not hard to see that they thrive on her love.

Jason’s year has been a study in time management. His accomplishments include some tutoring, Boy Scout leader, long-distance running, a little football (ouch), and a lot of computer work. Most of his time is dedicated to improving the administration at Tank Battalion where he computerized and streamlined a majority of the admin work. Additionally, he helped out by publishing the Battalion newsletter and wrote many articles for the base paper.

The biggest news comes with Jason’s re-assignment as the 7th Regimental Adjutant, a one-level step up from his current duties. Jason was hand-picked to fill the opening normally reserved for a Marine of one higher rank. We are both excited to move “up the hill,” literally and figuratively. We will stay here in 29 Palms and the new assignment does not come with a raise or promotion, but I may pick up Captain by mid-2000.

Next year, Jason is going to apply for the Special Education Program. Under this program, he would be sent to Monterey, CA, for two years and earn a master’s degree in Information Technology Management. He would then serve four years as a payback tour and then retire. We are excited about the prospect and feel Jason has a good chance at the program.

We will be heading back to Seattle for Christmas this year to spend with the Schramms. But during this holiday season, please know that we are thankful for all of your love and prayers. We have been and continue to be truly blessed.

Jason, Carrie, Alex, Stephanie, Sid the Big Ol’ Mean, Fat, Bitter Thing, and Peachy the Rotten Little Girl