Jason - sounds like an awful experience.  I'm so sorry.  After I tried MSN about 1.5 years ago and had a similar experience (not getting clear  answers, poor support), I cancelled my MSN and never looked back.  I don't know why, but they have some issues.  I really have no connection with MSN here at  all and don't know why but none the less, it really sucks what you went  through. If you have any way to get them to forward your mail, I'd do it right away just to be safe either way you go (in fact don't tell them you're terminating the account and they'll be more willing to forward the mail - you can terminate afterward).  If I were you, I'd check into high speed access in your area - we just upgraded to Cable internet and we're in  heaven - it flies and is quite reliable.  The pop email works great, etc, etc.

OH here's an idea -- this just might work.  In Hotmail, you can reach out  to pop accounts you have anywhere on the internet and retrieve the mail into HOTMAIL.  I forgot about that!  You could probably retrieve your mail yourself into hotmail after you set up the POP stuff in hotmail.  I'd do this first, so you can at least read your mail.  Don't waste any more time on hold with MSN - I'd cancel the account and go high speed (cable doesn't require an ISP so you'd be home free).

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