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MSN Interactive Online technical Support is a real-time service available  to MSN Internet Access customers and MSN Explorer users. MSN Technical Support Engineers will assist you with your Technical Support issues in real time, without disconnecting your computer.

Question: Did you get my last entry?

Jason D. Grose:  Did you get my last entry?

An MSN Technical Support Engineer will be with you in a moment.

Joel I.:  Jason, welcome to MSN Interactive Online Technical Support. I am Joel,  your online, live Microsoft Technical Support Engineer.

Joel I.:  Thatís a great question. In order to assist you more efficiently, can you please tell me if you are an MSN Internet Access subscriber? Thank you.

Jason D. Grose:  Thank the Lord, I have a whopper of a problem

Jason D. Grose:  yes, I am

Joel I.:  Jason, can I have your msn account, please..

Jason D. Grose:  jdgrose115

Jason D. Grose:  would a trouble ticket # help?

Joel I.:  May I know what is your problem?

Jason D. Grose:   I have called 7 times since last night and no one has been able to help. I gave up because of  the hour wait

Jason D. Grose:  I cannot receive email off my account using Outlook 2000

Joel I.:  Jason, have you configured it correctly?

Jason D. Grose:  over and over again

Jason D. Grose:  i even tried the outlook express 5.0 and no luck

Joel I.:  I can send you a page that will help you configure Outlook 2K.

Jason D. Grose:  i am beginning to think it is something wrong with my account

Jason D. Grose:  i have been over configuration with reps...slowly and deliberately

Joel I.:  Try these, send a email that the recipient is your own account if you can received it, then we will try to figure it out then. Please try.

Jason D. Grose:  that I know and even a few I donít. and every possible combination

Jason D. Grose:  ok...

Joel I.:  [Item sent - Q268732 - OLEXP: Outlook Does Not Receive MSN E-mail Messages]

Joel I.:  Have you received this page already?

Jason D. Grose:  I received what you sent, still trying to send myself an email...

Joel I.:  [Item sent - Q195578 - OL2000: (IMO) How to Set Up Internet Mail Accounts] n&FR=0&qry=Q195578&rnk=1&src=DHCS_MSPSS_gn_SRCH&SPR=CHS

Joel I.:  How about this?

Jason D. Grose:  I was still working on the last one

Joel I.:  Are you still there, Jason?

Joel I.:  Are you still there, Jason?

Joel I.:  Please send your response so that I can assist you further.

[Joel I. - user has closed this session]

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