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Question: I was kicked off, can you help?

An MSN Technical Support Engineer will be with you in a moment.

Jason D. Grose:  I need the file that tells about outlook 2k problems with msn 6.0

Jose:  Hello and welcome Jason, to MSN Interactive Online Technical  Support. I am Jose your online, live Microsoft Technical Support Engineer.

Jason D. Grose:  I was working with Joel and got cut off

Jose:  Jason, do you want to continue to access your emails through Outlook 2000 after installing MSN Explorer. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Jason D. Grose:  I am having a lot of trouble. first, I am an msn customer...

Jason D. Grose:  next, I was using outlook 200 and everything was fine...

Jason D. Grose:  then my hard disk died and I lost everything./..

Jason D. Grose:  now I am trying to reinstall everything...

Jason D. Grose:  and put win me plus office premium...

Jason D. Grose:  I tried to set up my msn account using the default program on ME

Jason D. Grose:  I can receive mail but cannot receive any...

Jason D. Grose:  I have re configured many times and have called in 7 times for help...

Jason D. Grose:  to no avail. I gave up when the wait became an hour on the phone..

Jason D. Grose:  and was hung up on..

Jason D. Grose:  Joel sent me an article that said that if you converted to msn 6.0..

Jason D. Grose:  you could have problems receiving mail...

Jason D. Grose:  I was trying to determine how to check my version and got cut off...

Jason D. Grose:  can you resend the article?

Jose:  Jaon, in the mean time could please confirm your MSN Email address? Thank you.

Jason D. Grose:  jdgrose115

Jose:  Jason, are you saying that you were told that when you Upgrade to  MSN version 6.0 your issue will get resolved?

Jason D. Grose:  no, that if I did, that may be the problem

Jason D. Grose:  I am not even sure what version I have

Jason D. Grose:  but if it is 6.0, and that's the problem..

Jason D. Grose:  could I not uninstall it and install an earlier version?

Jason D. Grose:  problem is, there is no msn to uninstall in the add/remove programs..

Jose:  Jason, could you please describe the MSN icon that you are using ?

Jason D. Grose:  offset white MSN on top of a red egg

Jose:  Jason, that is MSN version 5.0 that you are using.

Jose:  Jason, have you setup Outlook 2000 ?

Jason D. Grose:  ok, there goes that path...

Jason D. Grose:  many times over

Jason D. Grose:  and outlook express 5.0..

Jason D. Grose:  both had same problem

Jose:  Jason, I understand your frustration and I apologize for the inconvience caused to you. However, would you like me to send you the settings on both Outlook Express and Outlook 2000 so that you can configure it again and check that works.

Jason D. Grose:  I just sent an email to myself. went out ok but when tried to bring in..

Jason D. Grose:  messages, same prob: asked me to confirm login and  password over and over

Jason D. Grose:  yes, please

Jose:  Jason, are you getting a sign in box asking you for you login ID and password?

Jason D. Grose:  yes

Jose:  And does it give you the message that this is the best way to the internet?

Jason D. Grose:  YES!! finally, someone who recognizes!!!

Jose:  Have you recently changed your password?

Jason D. Grose:  yes, let me go over that...

Jason D. Grose:  when I first started reloading...

Jose:  Certainly Jason.

Jason D. Grose:  y password (had it automatically put in)I had forgot m

Jason D. Grose:  for some reason, my account was suspended...

Jason D. Grose:  when they redid it, they gave me a new password...

Jason D. Grose:  then I got online and changed it back to the original and that is the...

Jason D. Grose:  one I have been using. it works to log onto the net..

Jason D. Grose:  and I have done it manually to log on AND to put in for  the server..

Jason D. Grose:  so I know it works (or I could not get on the net)

Jason D. Grose:  whew!

Jose:  Jason, are you saying that you have changed your password back to  the Original one and that you do not use the new one that was made.

Jason D. Grose:  it was XXX before the crash...

Jason D. Grose:  after the crash, they reset it to YYY...

Jason D. Grose:  I got online (using YYY) and changed it back to XXX...

Jason D. Grose:  since then, I have been using XXX to log in and to check mail (unsuccessfully)..

Jason D. Grose:  I tried using YYY, trying everything, and no joy.

Jose:  Thank you for the patience  and I am sending  are some steps that I am sending that will help you to resolve your issue.

Jason D. Grose:  you have no idea what that would mean to me...

Jason D. Grose:  this has almost made a Captain in the Marine Corps cry  like a school girl!

Jose:  Jason, I am sending you information on Outlook Express which is also applicable to Outlook 2000.

Jason D. Grose:  ok

Jason D. Grose:  how are you sending? will it show up in the window to the left?

Jason D. Grose:  I hope you do not email it to me (ha)

Jason D. Grose:  I have a hypothetical...

Jose:  Please wait.

Jason D. Grose:  if it takes resetting my account, will I lose the bulk of messages I have...

Jason D. Grose:  waiting on my account?

Jose:  You will have to do these now and that should resolve your issue.

Jose:  Please give me a minute.

Jason D. Grose:  sorry

Jose:  Please open Outlook Express. b) If the Sign-In Window pops up, click on "Cancel". c) You should get an error message. d) Click on "Tools" and then click on "Accounts" and then select the "Mail" tab. e) Now select your MSN e-mail account and then click on "Properties". f) Then click the "Server" tab and see if you have checked the "Remember Password" check box. g) If "YES"  enter his new MSN Account Password and then once again uncheck and then check the Check Box. After  you have done this please send a test email to yourself and see if you get it  or no. Please let me know of it.

Jason D. Grose:  can I use Outlook 2000 for this?

Jose:  Yes, you can.

Jose:  The setting would still be the same.

Jason D. Grose:  ok.. working...

Jose:  I will wait and please send in your response when you are through with it.

Jason D. Grose:  I followed the instructions (it was checked). I reinputted my password..

Jason D. Grose:  checked and unchecked the member password box..

Jose:  Okay.

Jason D. Grose:  oked everything and sent an email to myself. sent fine..

Jason D. Grose:  but got same error when tried to receive.

Jose:  I am sending you some more steps.

Jason D. Grose:  I ten tried the same on the box that popped and no joy.

Jason D. Grose:  ok

Jose:  Please check for your  MSN E-mail address in the "General" tab of  his account properties. If it is MSN Subscriber then  change it to MSN Subscriber . Then again send a test email and see if you get it or not.

Jason D. Grose:  working...

Jose:  Jason, I am awaiting your response.

Jason D. Grose:  it was the first one...

Jason D. Grose:  I changed both of them (send and reply) to the second...

Jason D. Grose:  sent email and no joy, same problem

Jose:  Jason, you will also have to increase the server time would you like me to send you instructions on that?

Jason D. Grose:  yes please

Jose:  Please go to your  MSN e-mail account properties. b) Then  select the "Advanced" tab and then increase the Server timeout to maximum 3) NOTE : That the default Server Timeout is set to 1 minute and it can be increased up to a maximum limit of 5 minutes. Then again send a test email and see what happens.

Jason D. Grose:  working...

Jason D. Grose:  put it at 5 min (max) and sent mail. sent fine but no joy on receiving. same

Jose:  Are you getting the same sign in box?

Jason D. Grose:  yes

Jason D. Grose:  wanna hear the error?

Jose:  Yes please.

Jason D. Grose:  unable to log on to the server using distributed...

Jason D. Grose:  password authentication. server responds...

Jason D. Grose:  -err permission denied: (Account 'jdgrose115', pop3

Jose:  Could you copy and paste the error message.

Jason D. Grose:  'server:'

Jason D. Grose:  error number 0x800ccc18).

Jose:  Jason, have you got this message for the first time?

Jason D. Grose:  no, this is what I get when I hit cancel on the box...

Jason D. Grose:  after it keeps asking for login

Jason D. Grose:  I cannot copy it, won't let me.

Jose:  This has got some thing to do with the settings in Outlook 2000.

Jose:  Now, I am sending you the settings of Outlook 2000 please do these now and before you send a test email please click on the send/receive tab.

Jason D. Grose:  ok

Jose:  I am sending a page now.

Jose:  [Item sent - Check your Internet E-mail settings]$content$/ets_check_ your_internet_e-mail_settings_mo.htm

Jason D. Grose:  got it...looking...

Jose:  Please check with the settings and then send a test email to your self and let me know if you get it or not.

Jason D. Grose:  working... might take a minute

Jose:  I am here.

Jason D. Grose:  it says...

Jason D. Grose:  In Microsoft Outlook, click the Tools menu, and then click Services.

Jason D. Grose:  but my tools menu does not have Services

Jose:  Please wait I am checking.

Jose:  Instead of Services you will have to click on Accounts and then do the rest of the steps.

Jason D. Grose:  ok..

Jason D. Grose:  #1 was that...

Jason D. Grose:  and #2 is: Under The following information services are set up on this computer, click the Internet E-mail service set up for MSN.

Jason D. Grose:  but under accounts, I do not have The following  information services are set up on this computer

Jose:  Please ignore that.

Jason D. Grose:  ok..

Jose:  Under step number 4. you should have only your name and not

Jason D. Grose:  ok..

Jason D. Grose:  even the second and third bullet or just the first?

Jose:  If you are referring to the subscriber address it should be

Jason D. Grose:  done

Jose:  Have you finished the settings?

Jason D. Grose:  almost...

Jose:  Make sure the Log on using Secure Password Authentication check box is selected this is the seventh point.

Jason D. Grose:  ok...

Jason D. Grose:  problem: it wants me to restart my computer which would  end our session

Jose:  When you are through with the settings please click on send/receive and then send a test email and see if you get that. Please get back if the  issue still persist. It should get resolved mostly.

Jose:  For your reference, your technical support ticket number is <26508681. Please note this ticket number for any future contact that pertains to this particular issue.

Jason D. Grose:  I shut down outlook, started again, sent email, sent fine, same error on receive

Jose:  Please wait for a moment.

Jose:  Jason, please tell me which password were you using now when you  made the changes?

Jason D. Grose:  you are going to laugh..

Jason D. Grose:  it is "ihatemci"

Jose:  Is this the new or the old password?

Jason D. Grose:   Irony. had troubles with them before coming to MSM.

Jason D. Grose:  it was the pre-crash, then they changed it, and I changed it back.

Jason D. Grose:  the MSN-generated on was:229nwxcd62

Jose:  So Jason you are using "ihatemci" right.

Jason D. Grose:  oops...

Jason D. Grose:  229nqxcd62

Jason D. Grose:  I am using "ihatemci" now.

Jose:  Jason, please give me a moment and investigate further.

Jason D. Grose:  if I can reset my account, will I lose what is on it?

Jose:  Yes Jason.

Jason D. Grose:  damn

Jason D. Grose:  it should not be that hard

Jason D. Grose:  sorry, stated obvious and opinion

Jason D. Grose:  and it might not solve my problem..look..

Jason D. Grose:  both Outlook 2000 and Outlook Express 5.0 are doing the same thing...

Jason D. Grose:  and they come from different programs: 2k from Office...

Jason D. Grose:  and Express from ME.

Jose:  One moment while I continue to search.

Jason D. Grose:  that leads me to believe that it is not the program..

Jason D. Grose:  but what they have in common which is my MSN account.

Jose:  Jason, could you please let me know if you have changed the setting, "Log on using Secure Password Authentication check box is selected" was  this selected or did you have to select it now when you did the settings.

Jason D. Grose:  it was already selected. it has been since about the 3rd call I made yesterday

Jose:  Jason, could you please uncheck the box and then send a test email and see if you get it or not.

Jason D. Grose:  ok

Jason D. Grose:  ok, unchecked it, saved, sent mail...

Jason D. Grose:  sent ok but a DIFFERENT  box popped up with a little lock, asking the same..

Jason D. Grose:  still did not take and when it came back, the save  password was unchecked..

Jason D. Grose:  even after I checked it, it came back unchecked next time.

Jose:  Jason, are you still getting the same signning box.

Jason D. Grose:  no, different. has lock on it

Jose:  Jason, you will have to check that box again that is right.

Jason D. Grose:  labeled "Internet Email - jdgrose115"

Jason D. Grose:  and test it again?

Jose:  Jason, please do so.

Jason D. Grose:  just did, old box is back. still no go

Jose:  Jason, we have tried every possible thing. Now, you will have to contact our Technical Support team over the phone. Please try and get through the line. I know you will have to wait as the line is very busy. But you will have to contact them over the phone line to resolve your issue further.

Jason D. Grose:  but I tried that for 6 hours yesterday

Jason D. Grose:  7 calls with 30 min to 1 hour wait...

Jason D. Grose:  then they would make me hang up and test it, starting over

Jose:  Jason, I apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience.

Jason D. Grose:  0 minutes and then hung up on me...last guy put me on hold for 3

Jason D. Grose:  I tried to call back and after 1 hour, hung up.

Jose:  Would you like to upgrade to the latest and exciting version of MSN Internet Access which is MSN Explorer?

Jason D. Grose:  now I have spent another 4 1/2 hours

Jason D. Grose:  is that 6.0?

Jose:  Yes, Jason. I assure you that upgarding to MSN Explorer would be an exciting experinence.

Jason D. Grose:  what are you talking about. you know how frustrated I am right now?

Jose:  Yes, Jason. I understand your frustration and apologize about it.

Jose:  I would suggest you to upgrade to MSN Explorer.

Jose:  Would you like information on it?

Jason D. Grose:  will I lose my mail that is in there right now?

Jose:  No, Jason. All your mails can be received by you even after you have upgraded to MSN Explorer.

Jason D. Grose:  the ones that are sitting there on my account right now?

Jose:  Yes, Jason. I assure you that all your old mails can be read by you even after you have upgraded to MSN Explorer.

Jason D. Grose:  are these responses automated?

Jason D. Grose:  do I have to uninstall 5.0 before I install 6.0?

Jose:  No, Jason. I am a your live support professional.

Jose:  The upgardation will be automatic.

Jason D. Grose:  other than being an "exciting experience", will this solve my problem?

[user has closed this session]

Jason D. Grose:  lkjla

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