Professor Mansager

I took the 5th calculus class of my life and the professor was definately one of a kind. Here is an email I sent out AFTER the final.

To all who had Professor Mansager, here are the most notable quotes from his class. Enjoy and pass on to any other students you know had a class from Prof. Mansager.

-- Jason

"Taking the derivative of a fractional exponent is like stepping in dog poop."

"Just hover for a minute." (to a copter pilot student getting ahead of the lesson)

"Now we can have fun and play games."

"All right, Buster Brown!" ----  "I'm not afraid of you." (student)

"Here's something even infantrymen and Marines can't screw up."

"Go into a hover, Bub."

"You're going for version B on the test."

"We're gonna be users of this and not provers."

"Don't leave, it's only getting better."

"If your quotient-rule-averse, use the product rule instead."

"Engineers, they don't know trig functions from ... dukey!!!"

"Don't show this to anyone or I'll lose my math card."

"It's gonna come out the same because it's the same DAMN thing!"

"Minus one times minus one times minus one is...minus one."

"Let us not dally..."

"It's easier to make it small then large than to make it large then small."

"I just want to see if you understand the rules. You'll have plenty of time to screw up the algebra later."

I take these tests home and show them to my 16-year-old and say 'See, they screw up the chain rule, too.'"

"It's 'F' of 'U.' Now that sounds bad: 'F of U.'"

"This is all the lickies and chewies in one problem."

"I got two guys on field trip this week. They're gonna suck bigtime."

"This is gonna knock you on your socks so fasten your seatbelts."

"You don't save time if you don't know what you're doing."

"Because that would put it out of phase and I don't want to think that hard on a Friday."

"What's the latitude of Saudi Arabia? You don't know?!!!"

"We shouldn't be telling Greeks how to pronounce Greek letters. That would be .... rude."

And the all time best Mansager quote, referring to an entire Fourier Series problem scrawled on the board:

"Your going to the prom, man. And this is your date. She's ugly but you still gotta dance with her."