TBS Quotes

Thought you might enjoy some TBS quotes from a current class (Fox Co. - graduating April 11th)....Not much has changed.  We have your quotes posted on our read board and get quite a bit of enjoyment from them!
Semper Fi,

"ZSU 264 with dismounted troops in the open, ICM in effect."
-- Student Capt's call for fire

"Hey that's nowhere close to my target point!"
-- Student Capt after he pissed off the gun line

"It was my time to shine…"
-- Student Captain after having his fire mission got FUBARd

"When you're all Lts working in the defense and digging away, it's hard to make another Lt work hard.  The Lt in charge walks over and says "Hey Lt, we really need to get this done."   The other Lt. Says: "Hey man, relax, have some gummy bears."  Then the Lt. In charge says: "You've got gummy bears !!??"
-- Instructor

Instructor: "Can someone give me something else that helped the French?"

Lt.: "Inexperience, sir?"

Instructor: “How did that help?”

Lt.: “It didn't, sir”

"What steam setting do you use to iron you cammies ma'am?"
-- Lt

"Hey Lt, what the hell are you doing?"
-- SPC to Lt saluting outdoors, uncovered, in PT gear after bringing formation to attention

“Orientate your maps.”
-- SPC

“Can these candidates bring these candidate's motorcycles on campus?”
-- Lt.

Instructor: "Enlisted Marines are intimidated by your intellect."

Lt: “Not my intellect.”

"The nasty one who only wrote one line on his squad evals…that was me."

SPC: “For reference, a telephone pole is 3 meters high.”
Lt: “Are you high sir?”

(Note:  A telephone pole is nowhere near 3m high)

"I'm not going to bring my kids to the Major's house; they won't stop breaking MY s@#t!”
-- Lt.

“Does it make you feel like less of a Marine to hump without a rifle sir?”
-- Lt to SPC

“It's d@#k time!”
-- Lt

“Breathe Sir, breathe!”
-- Shooting coach to Lt trying to hold his breath through an entire course of fire

"Do you need a class sir."
-- Corporal to Student Capt with slow targets

“Sometimes it's hard being that one beacon of light.”
-- SPC to Lt complaining about roommates being nasty

“Staff Sgt, it's hot in here, can we take off our blouses?”
-- Lt to Instructor during GCT

“Come June sir, I'll be free-balling in my flight suit.”
-- Lt to SPC

“And that's abrasive with 2 "S"s.”
-- Lt on peer evals

“Everyone close your shooting eye!”
-- Lt. After igniting the range with a tracer.

"You can't call for fire, there are too many ‘Ahs’".
-- Capt to Lt with heavy Boston accent

"Should I stick my thumb in the hole?"
-- Male Lt. to female Lt. who has a notional bullet wound

"If someone in a No Fire Area fires at me with a pistol, does proportional response mean that I can only fire back with one M16?"
-- Lt.

“My kids will be going to Yemen like it's Disneyland!”
-- Lt

“It's not that cold; you will not go out there in BABUSHKA 4.”
-- SPC