Broken News

This is where my "Breaking News" goes to die after it gets timed out.

Posted Sept 2nd, 2002

I DID IT (again)!! I completed the Bishop 50 Miler on May 18th, 2002. Go here to see how I SURVIVED...

I DID IT!! I completed both the Big Sur Marathon on April 28th, 2002, and the Wild Wild West Trail Marathon a week later on Cinco De Mayo. Go here to see how I fared...

The new quarter is here and I'm glad to be starting the following classes: Calculus, Decision Support Systems, Network Security, and Information Operations.

The old quarter is done. Let's not talk about it, OK? Three A's and one B, but the horror!!!

Posted June 9th, 2002

I have been chosen to be on the All-Marine Armed Forces Eco Challenge. This 250 mile race will go in August and consists of hiking/trekking, kayaking, mountain climbing, and mountain biking.
Posted May 6th, 2002

If anyone has some leads on how to get sponsorship for this and how to start covering the increasing costs for this webpage, please let me know. I want to keep this webpage going and I still want to be non-profit but the costs are starting to add up.

We went to the Pinnacles National Monument today (April 14, 2002) and had a great time. If you live around here, you HAVE to go there. It's great hiking and incredible scenery. Kids will love it but no dogs!

Today (April 13, 2002) was my last long training run for the Big Sur Marathon. Sam Chance and I ran a whopping 20 miles in a time of (garbled). With more frequent water breaks, we should be ready for the race.

I have to get new friends! In addition to running Big Sur on April 28th and the Wild Wild West Trail Marathon on May 7th, I have now been conned into running a 50 mile endurance run in Bishop California on May 18th.

I'm coaching my daughter's baseball team starting in April. Go Red Wings!!!

Because of a scheduling mix-up (OK, I screwed up), I will be running in the 2002 Big Sur Marathon this year, in addition to the 2002 Wild Wild West Marathon. The kicker is that they are a WEEK APART! Yeah, I know but I never claimed I was sane.

Posted April 7th, 2002

Today (March 25th, 2002) is my 14th wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary, Babe, and sorry I'm locked away procrastinating my study for my last final tomorrow by updating my webpage!!

It looks like I will be heading to Alaska and participating in the 2002 Armed Forces Eco Challenge in August. PRAY for me and watch for training updates.

I worked the 2002 Sea Otter Classic and had a blast. Thanks to Carla for referring me, Paul for hiring me, and Rob for putting up with me. All three are top shelf people.

With the war on terrorism raging, it seems trivial to worry about school. My thoughts, prayers, and respect go out to the men and women shivering in the Afghanistan night so that we may feel safe.

This quarter is coming to an end and I'm in the crunch time. Four classes, four group projects but I've found time to keep my running up. Keep the email coming because I've enjoyed hearing from you and I need the motivation.

Please pray for my sister-in-law who is carrying my future nephew but has to go on a few months bed rest to finish the job. Hang in there, Kris.

Please pray for my father-in-law who suffered two heart attacks recently. He is home and well and we've been thinking about him.

Posted Feb, 2002

The new quarter has begun and I'm enjoying my computer classes. We enjoyed having Tom and Bridget as guests this weekend. He has been accepted to the SEP program for next year and wanted to check out the area. Tom, I hope you recover from that 12 mile run. (smirk)

If you have emailed me since November and I have not answered, please resend. I had some computer woes and lost my Inbox.

I just finished up my first real quarter of school. Although my grades are decent, let's add historian, statistician, and acquisitions program manager to the list of things I will never be paid to do. Now for the sweet reality of Christmas break...


My mom came out to visit and I had the pleasure of taking her and my lovely wife to the Marine Corps Ball to celebrate the Corps' 226th birthday. Here are some pics from the event.

I just finished up my first quarter of school (refresher courses). Sorry Professor SM but I will never be an accountant. And to Professor G, really, I really am good at algebra. No, really.

I have started school, ... again! I am currently in Monterey, California to get a master's degree in Information Systems Technology. If you don't beleive me, here is the MARADMIN.
We got a dog! For those of you that know Carrie, you will appreciate the coup it was for me to actually pull this off. But look, who can resist the face of BUSTER?
Much to my mother's dismay, I bought a motorcycle!!! It is a 2000 Suzuki GS500E and here is a pic of the beauty that is now mine.
The 2000 Lone Pine Wild Wild West Trail Marathon is over!!! I came in a a whopping 6 hours and three minutes. But there were reasons. Here is the page that explains it all. The Lone Pine Wild Wild West Marathon was quite an experience.
A special dedication to one of my best friends, Rob Doyle. He asked me to be his best man and here is the speech I made at the wedding.