My second cousin, Lieutenant Commander Troy Terronez, is the Supply Officer for the USS Vickburg and sends the family updates on his deployment.

Needless to say, knowing that my family is out there on the forefront of the war on terrorism fills me with pride. Here are some pics of what he sends from the front (Click on image for larger image).

  "Our favorite carrier plus a couple of helos."

  "An F-14 - wings dirty - banking hard about 60 feet of the port bow heading home."

  "A couple of our F/A 18ís - wings dirty - doing a fly by on their way home."

  "Newest Navy recruiting poster - we love it, itís the truth."

  "In port Bahrain standing Command Duty Officer - Condition 1 weapon a must. Even with the heightened security (some unrest in the Kingdom Iím sure you have seen footage of on TV), itís a nice change of pace from our underway routine.  Hope this finds you doing well.

R, M, B, & T:  Missing you.  Love, Dad


She's come a long way but still a fierce ship.

Go Get 'em, Key to Victory!!!!!!!!!!