If you are looking at this page, I can assume you have access to the Web. And if you have access to the web, I will assume you have email. Furthermore, if you have email, you have a friend, acquaintance, family member, ward of the state, etc., who sends you "stuff."

You know what I am talking about; a half dozen emails every couple of days covering anything your "friend" finds even remotely funny, interesting, weird, or just plain different. You end up on their distribution list with a few of his or her other fifty closest friends.

But, alas, not all this cyber garbage is completely worthless. There are sometimes a few chips of diamond within the cubic butt ton of coal dumped in your inbox each week. What I have provided here is what I have kept for one reason or another. Let me apologize upfront for some of the content. Continue at your own risk.

-- Jason D. Grose

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Really REALLY nasty picture of the aftermath of a suicide jumper (real)