Subject: letter

Hello Sergeant, how are you? My name is Jennifer and I'm 22. I'm from a small town an hour east of Toronto, Ontario. I have read your home page and I think it is great. I wish there were more like it. I joined the corps and I am now waiting to go to boot camp. I am getting physically prepared but,
unfortunately there is no way to get mentally ready for it. I love your boot camp stories. It's that kind of stuff that I want to know or find out. I know my recruiters give me info but they tend to skip what its REALLY like. I almost joined the Air Force. My recruiter went nuts. But he said he would
guarantee me a job one that I want, and I got a cash bonus. Not a bad little deal eh? Anyway I was wondering if you have any other stories or bits and pieces of info for me. I'm really getting anxious about leaving but I'd like to hear what ever you have to say. Thanks for your time.