I am leaving for bootcamp in the beginning of February. I was reading your happy birthday to the Marine Corps letter and really appreciated the part you said about the future and present Marines upholding and maintaining the dignity and discipline of the Marine Corps. I recently encountered something that was rather disheartening and made me rethink my decision to go into the Marine Corps. But then I thought about my oath and the reason that I took the oath and I resolved that no matter what I was not going to let a few individuals with substandard morals discourage me. I took there actions as a challenge to pick up their where they slack off and to be better than they could ever imagine. I am excited about my decision to go into the Marine Corps and though I have not yet earned that title of U.S. Marine I will defend the integrity and dignity of the Marine Corps. Reading your letter motivated me. I promise you this I will do the Marine Corps proud. Thank you and I wish you and yours all the luck and happiness that this world has to offer.