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I have received some email over the last few years that have made all of the work worthwhile. I would like to put some of it on here if only to remind myself once in awhile of the special feeling I get when I get an email from someone who shares their reactions to my page. May God bless all of you. Semper Fi!!

A great chain of events as a result of an article I wrote called "Rolling the Threads"

Even old tankers will talk to the Adjutant.

Wing nut, oops, I mean, Air Force cadet offers his praise.

Changing attitudes, one mind at a time.

Praise and jealosy.

Good words from above

Good words from above, Part II

Bad memories of good cookies.

Chief Harrassed-A-Lot

Modern-day Christopher Columbus yearns to become to U.S. but this time to be a Marine. Added November 9, 1998.

Concientious Objector Wants to Join the Corps

Aussie DI Compares Bootcamps

Happy Birthday Letter Hits Its Mark

A friend a had worked with for over a year finally reads my webpage

A letter from a Marine trying to get back into the Marine Corps

Merry Christmas

The Moment he will never forget

Inspiration and Motivation

Safe to Sleep at Night

Expect Nothing Less

Another reason I maintain a webpage

No, thank YOU!

Money isn't everything

Super site for years: email from Capt Rock

Private Rong Liu finishes bootcamp

My son is goingto bootcamp

TBS questions

Please help me keep this site going...