Dear Lt. Grose

I just wanted to say first and foremost that your website is the best site I have ever been to.  You have successfully succeeded in motivating and inspiring me to become a Marine Officer.

I am currently a Marine Option Midshipman at the University of Florida.  My father was a Marine in Vietnam and has never shared his experiences of the war or boot camp with me before, so upon reading your stories I came to "See the Light" of DI's and bewildered recruits.

My hero, R. Lee Ermey, has remained out of informational sources and has been very difficult for me to research, upon reading about your meeting with my hero,  that allowed me to see another side to him.  I watch Full Metal Jacket over and over just to watch him in action.

After reading your website, you too have become a Marine officer that I truly respect and honor.  The Marine Corps is my true inspiration in life.  I'd love to say that everything Iíve learned in life is due to the Marines but I'm just a college Freshman, although I have been raised by my own personal DI, Dad.

I've known all my life that I was born to be a United States Marine, I can't explain it, but I know you understand.  Nothing has inspired me more than testimonies from men such as yourself and other Marines who have groveled through the mud in the worst of times.  I know that when I become a Marine Officer my main focus is my men and the enlisted Marines.  When I begin to feel discouraged I will think of the Marines who have come before me and whether or not they would be proud.

I too have a man that I can truly call a hero.  He is a medically discharged Marine of only 23 years of age.  He was a Lance Corporal assigned to a FAST company in Haiti and other hot spots.  He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and has a love for the Corps that is all too common.  Whenever I need a boost of motivation I think of men like him.

I know that God has intended me to be a Marine and that I thank him everyday that I am in good health and capable of defending my country and becoming a Marine.  It angers me to no end to see men that I can relate to forced out of the greatest establishment on Earth because of "Bad luck."

I don't mean to take up all of your time sir, I feel I could write all day, but I would like to say: Hoorah! and Semper fi!

MIDN 4/c Holmes