From: Piesdad@aol.com
To: jdgrose115@polyglut.net
Subject: Bootcamp
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 22:13:55 EST

Sir, I have read and enjoyed your webpage. My own bootcamp experience was at Parris Island in June 1967. We did get some physical punishment, and more PT than I thought human beings could endure. Of course in those days Bootcamp was only about 9 weeks long so they had very little time to get our minds right. In spite of our training , 22% of my recruit platoon was KIA in "Nam.

Some years ago, my old Vietnam outfit 3rd Recon Bn, met at Hilton Head, SC for a reunion. The CG at Parris Island invited us to attend a graduation ceremony on Friday morning. When the announcer asked all former Marines to stand and be recognized, about 300 of us stood and gave a resounding “OOHRAH.”

I will never forget that moment or the one that preceded it by 24 years, my own graduation day.

Take care,
Ernie Cooke E Co.,
3rd Recon Bn
Dec 67-Aug 69