Dear Sir,

Let me begin by saying that your site is fantastic. As a former Cpl. of  Marines I would expect nothing less from a Mustang. Which brings me to why I  found your site. I have been out for 3 yrs, almost to the day. I have been  steadily going to Nebraska Wesleyan University,( I am from Chicago but I  enlisted at 19 and haven't looked back since) I am a double major in  Philosophy & English and have good grades. as a Marine I always had 1st class  PFTs.

I am not to enthralled  w/ my fellow students and the civilian world in  general. Personally it is boring and slow. I have contacted my Officer  Selection Station in Des Moines. I am being very deliberate and methodical  about this because like you said I hold officers with high regard as leaders.  I am in awe, I guess. Is there any more insight or "Sea Stories" you could  convey. Anything that could ease my little heart. Also do a lot of Officers choose the infantry and how different or guaranteed that MOS is?

Thank you very much, Semper Fi,

Joel Patrick Brady