Jason ,
I want you to know that I spent upwards of two hours on your pages and I think it was time well spent - it is comforting to know that there are intelligent and educated people involved in the affairs of protecting our nation - it is unfortunate that most of the press here in nc is not always the sort you would like to see on tv however the Marines that seem to stay in the crap at Lejeune are the ones we here the most about - never the less - all the guys I know personally are among the best there are ! I think you are one also even though I dont know you - I enjoyed the pages & stories there and I may be slightly jealous that you got to meet Ronald Lee Ermey in person - a good man and a great actor - I likely will never get to meet - anyway - take care and keep your head down ! - I will be directing some of my Marine friends towards your pages so you will likely see some more e-mail as they get to see it - I'm sure they will enjoy it the same as I did - one thing - none of the pics of your sgts worked here - ? - all archives ok -please excuse the lousy typing - I've only had a computer 1 month - and dont know how to type yet so it's hunt and peck along - hmmm... may be a joke in there
-haha -
Good luck & best wishes from NC