Subject: thank you.

After recently being humiliated (among other things) by a  Marine, I began to think extremely negitivitly about the entire Corps.  After being not so nicely reminded by a friend of mine that making rash judgments about all Marines was just not reasonable.  I decided to take a morning and do some
research of my own.  I found your web page.

After taking a few moments to read it, I was happily surpised.  With comments about your wife and children it was a wonderful web page.  After hearing the Corps used as an excuse not to feel anything, I was glad that at least one Marine did not use this excuse.  Thank you for helping me to put my head on straight, and showing me that not all Marines try hard not to feel anything that is even close to love or friendship.  Thank  you again for your web page.

 Liz Cliffe