No problem, I'll pass this site along to some of my friends. I don't think I mentioned in my last Email but Congrats on your commission. I ask you not forget those young workhorses out there keeping those smiling homesick 18 yr olds in line.

I had a Lt. that wanted more then anything to get down and dirty in a grunt type unit. He was my CommO. He use to call me his Yard Boss.

Well anyway when it came time to reenlist I had the choice of any officer to swear me in, and I picked the lowest ranking officer who was a legend in the Batt.. I could of had the other Officers Tabbed out , Wings and Bubble and would have made for a really good picture. But because the respect that this hard charging Lt. showed me and knowing that if anyone ever disrespect him I'd feed that person there heart. He was the guy in all the picture's he was the guy that I remember after 7.5 years in the Corps. So don't forget the impressions you leave on these guys will last forever.

Take care Jason and thanks for standing your watch, your the guys I'll tell my daughter about when sees afraid of the dark, I take her to the window and point to the woods and tell her that there is a group of guys out there making it safe for her to sleep at night.

Semper Fi