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The following emails starts with an email I received and I thought I would send it out to some Marines to get their reactions. Here is what happened.

-----Original Message-----
From: (removed)
Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 1999 2006
Subject: would like to know prices and locations your boot camp a place for dieters???...I am interested in losing 50lbs the right way and would like to hear more about a program such as yours...or if you know any other (not too tough programs)...please let me know the price and location...this is something I really need and want to do!!...I realize it is a whole lifestyle change...and am looking for guidance!!...thanks you for any help you lend!!..

(Name witheld)


The reason it took so long to respond is because I thought that to properly answer your questions, I would forward them (minus your name) to as many of my Marine contacts and let them contribute an answer. Here is what came back. I have only included their ranks and it looks like some of them thought you were male. I will warn you, some of the comments are not exactly nice but all are honest.

Lt. G,
There is no reply required.  Our bootcamp is not a diet camp or place for people to send their wayward children with problems.  It is a place for volunteers who want to answer the call of "don't ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country."

Nuff Said,

Iím not sure what program he/she is talking about. But if he means the corps he needs to know that it isn't a place to lose weight ...that he or she needs to be in shape first if they want to serve their country...Boot C is hard...nothing like a fat body then failure at boot camp and a ticket home as a loser to send you in to a worse depression. America needs people to serve but everybody canít.

lose weight
get in shape
choose to be a marine
then join the corps

By the way let them know it is the toughest program on the face of the earth...



Tell him it is $100.00 a pound for weight loss and it is in 29 Palms and have some of the fittest Marines thrash the hell out of him daily.  Have a fat body party at the new SNCO club once you have thrashed this civilian dirtbag into a 50lb lighter turd!

Former 1st Lieutenant now out of the Corps


This is what you get for having a web page, i.e., all the crazy people respond to you.  There is no other way to say it except, "This is no place for someone who simply wants to lose weight.  You have to want to be a MARINE.  If your goal is not at least in part to want to be a Marine, do not even think about showing on a recruiter's doorstep!!!"  There are many places who can help you get your goal accomplished in the civilian world, i.e., gyms, weight loss centers etc.  Please go to only to them."

1st Lieutenant

So I suggest you send this person to a recruiter who is not in uniform and sell him/her down the river for at least 4 years.  Make sure you mention that they will get paid to lose weight and that you are certain this program will not be to difficult.  That is not actually a lie, because several years ago when you joined boot camp was much more difficult.  Give the heads up to the recruiter to sell his ass off. Normally I would not give any such advice.  But if a person is this stupid then lets help them out anyway possible.  Besides if this person is that stupid they won't figure it out even after the four years.

-- Former Sergeant Drill Instructor and current Army Sergeant First Class in the Army with over 20 years experience in the military

From Lt Grose:
You see, whether purposely or inadvertently, your questions struck a chord with we who proudly serve as Marines. Weight loss, the paycheck, and even the reputation are all side-benefits that so many have paid for in blood and which we continue to earn every day. You do not become a Marine for these things. You become a Marine to serve your country and to be part of a family consisting of millions of former, current, and future Marines. Any other reason is wrong.

It would be utterly disastrous if you tried to join our ranks for the reasons you stated, as you can tell from some of the responses above. Drill Instructors would weed you out quickly but not without a significant amount of pain, stress, ridicule, and terror. And if you somehow made it through that, you would face the men and women like those above who are ever-vigilant in ensuring our Corps stays pure.

Jason D. Grose
United States Marine Corps

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