Camp Life I

We finally arrived at King Abdul Aziz airbase where we would spend the next 6 months. Here is a peek into daily life.
A sign we made up of all the places we wish we were at. Notice the bottom one. It says "HELL, 2 FT."
Brian Rebello giving Shane Maxey a haircut. Bo is sitting with the rag on his head and Hatfield (yes, of the Hatfield and McCoy fame) is to the upper right with the water bottle in his hand.
Hatfield cutting Rebello's hair. Notice the Moe-style cut at this point. Luv ya Brian but you were a goofy looking bastard in this pic. 
SSGT Romoga by the hooches. Notice the shadow pattern cast by the nets. This view looking left from our tent entrance is the route to the bunkers when things got hairy.
Looking right, toward the stadium.

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