Camp Life II

Inside the hooch, actually a maintenance tent, housed 12 of us. Sometimes things got crazy from the boredom.
Shane Maxey, our fearless leader, tries to relax with a book.
Rob Doyle, my best friend, striking a pensive pose.
Rob and me doing, well, I actually don't know what we were doing. Check out my cheesy mustache.
Steve Diel (L) and Rob (R) get goofy and demonstrate how to get in a lot of trouble really quick.
The two boneheads take a moment to attempt a hard look.
Steve Diel (L) and Mike Mabe (R) continue the lunacy. Mike would be in a world of hurt if this was for real.
Mike Mabe showing why he was one of the more popular Marines at Camp Vikki.
Steve Diel with his "victory" pose.

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