Camp Life IV

Inside the vans; our oasis of home, bubble of sanity, sanctuary, gathering place of brothers.
Rob Doyle looking good in the A.M.
SSGT Sifford: Big "E" Two radios in the front, bubble wrap (pillow stuff) on the left, and rifles in back.
Mike Mabe hard at work. Mike was one of the most "naturally" smart people I have ever known.
Steve Diel. Nice uniform, Stud!
Rich Davis (l) and Dave Cole (r) doing WC 620 stuff.
Me and Mike Mabe in the vans. Notice the NBC mask on his hip.
(l-r) Steve Diel, Weber, Dave, Spank, Bickley, Ski, and Richard Labit. 
Richard Labit: mug shot.

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