Camp Life V

Fame and fun. With visits from celebraties to BIG sandlot softball, we made the best of our time in the desert.
This is me waiting for the Hitman to show up. Brandon Scott was messing with the camera and irritating me. Then, without warning, he snapped this one. O.J. Valencia is to my left.
Thomas "The Hitman" Hearns paying us a visit. I note that there were a lot of small scars on his face.
I asked for a picture and The Hitman obliged. But again, Scott was fumbling with the camera for so long that Hearns got distracted and a stupid pilot walked right in front when Scott figured out the new fangled contraption (Push the button!).
Phillips at first getting the out.
Shane Maxey on the mound. Note the Micky Mouse sweater.
Shane targetting on the ball.
Now Ski takes a whack at it.
Last AND Least, I take my crack at the ball. It was an infield pop fly.

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