Camp Life VI

Views of Camp Vicki and the war planes.
The next 4 views are from the top of the stadium, looking down on our camp.
Nice picture of a place I never want to see again.
This was the path to relief in the middle of the night.
This was the fountain we never swam in. Why? If you saw the water, you would know.
This is a picture ofthe flightline. Notice the black smoke from the burning oil wells.
Rob Doyle at the business end of a Harrier.
Rob Doyle in front of an OV-10. This was from the squadran that had their CO shot down and became a tortured POW. He was shown on video hideously beaten but made it out alive.
This was for the pilots to load into their onboard computers.
War Bird ready to flex American muscle. The intimidating item below the wing is not a bomb. It is a fuel tank.
Capt Whittle's Harrier.
Tail section of a Harrier.
God speed, fellas.

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