Camp Life VII
Miscellaneous shots around camp.
One of our "half-high" bunkers.
Benny Accord fooling around with SGT Sifford.
This is me sitting on top of a Harrier engine.
In contrast, this is Rob Doyle sitting on top of an OV-10 engine.
Why did I lose 50 lbs in 7 1/2 months? This was the average breakfast.
VIDS/MAF board with attitude.
Me in front of the stadium.
The only phone booth around. We would wait for hours for a 10 minute phone call. If you got a busy signal, you would go to the back of the line and wait another few hours for another turn.
Steve Diehl takes aim.
I am unsure what this was but I think it was in Al Jubal.
Shane Maxey (l) and Spanky walk down the rows of tents.
Guard post overlooking the desert.
Me in front of the famous homesick sign.

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