Camp Life VIII
More miscellaneous shots around camp.
Rob (r) and I at "home." His was the top rack while I lived below.
Shane Maxey trying to stay sane by reading. The football was confiscated as to not disturb his peace.
Rob Doyle looking chipper despite the black fog of burning oil wells filling his lungs.
Guards on duty. What were they guarding? Beats me.
Rob told me that he was posing these two, mocking the underwear ads of the time..
Bo Mortenson listing to music and writing home. Notice the "lavish" surroundings he padded his nest with. Val is zonked out up top.
Miserable me smoking a cigarette. I seem to remember this was during the time of the rains so everything was damp and muddy, including our moods.
Rob, again looking chipper, despite the rainy weather.
Andy putting up with Rob the Photographer.
Shane Maxey giving his fake happy smile.
Labit and Steve, trying to look tougher than they were.
Gunny? Do you know something we don't?
Tom Hodges. One day he got a letter from his wife who told him she said was pregnant. Less than a week letter he got a letter that she was no longer pregnant. The second letter was sent before he even saw the first. They have since had at least one child after the war, likely more.
620 geeks I do not remember.
Rob and I in a familiar sight: bathed in sunshine, him happier than I.

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