Very few, if any, of the following pictures are mine. They were taken by my best friend, Rob Doyle right before and during the Gulf War. He was good enough to entrust them with me for many years until I got around to making this gallery.

On August 2nd, Iraq invaded their neigbor, Kuwait. On August 8th, I was called at home and told that we were deploying to the Gulf. On August 12th, we were gone. But between Yuma, Arizona, and our final destination, we made a few pit stops.


We loaded the bus in Yuma and headed toward Port Hueneme, California where we would meet up with the USNS Curtiss. There we waited....

Port Hueneme pictures


After we finally got underway, we were in a hurry. Because the Captain of the old rust bucket pushed the ship full throttle, we blew one of the two boilers that created steam that powered the ship. So needing repairs, we limped into Adak, Alaska to the nearest navy base.

Adak pictures


Finally, we gotr the repairs and headed out. Because the repairs took about 4 days, the Captain once again ran the ship to the limit andd, as it turned out, PAST her limit. In our haste, we blew the second boiler. This was getting real not-fun, real quick.

Ship life pictures I
Ship Life pictures II


I know what you are thinking. "Wow, they got to go to Singapore. Technically, you are right, we went to Singapore. But before your envy overtakes you, I should point out that we NEVER GOT OFF THE SHIP. yes, to our joy, we were told that we were there just to load supplies. So we got there at sunset, worked all night unloading supplies, and left in the morning. All, that is, except the Officers. (A lesson I still keep close to my heart as an Officer.)

Singapore-from-afar pictures


Our final leg of the long ship ride over which was culminated with a steel beach.

Ship life III


We finally arrived at our destination where we would stay until mid March of 1991.

Camp pictures I
Camp pictures II
Camp pictures III
Camp pictures IV
Camp pictures V
Camp picturesVI
Camp picturesVII
Camp picturesVIII
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