We loaded the bus in Yuma and headed toward Port Hueneme, California where we would meet up with the USNS Curtiss. There we waited....
"Sittin' on the dock of the bay."  Here we are waiting to load the ship.
In a pretty lax formation, waiting to load the boat. That is Bo Mortensen in the red helmet and Shane Maxey on his right.
Bustin' out the bag nasties. Notice Swanson with his thumb in his mouth.
Last formation before boarding. Valencia is sportin' the girlie pose on the right. You can see the ship in the background.
Benny Acord, Bo Mortensen, and Ram in deep thought. 
Finally, after many false alarms, we pack up and go. That is Shane Maxey with the seabag in the front.
Rob Doyle, Bo Mortensen, and Tom Dearborn covered with dirt and trying to look hard.
Bo with his parents. They made a last minute trip from Yuma just to see us off. They also bought a TV/VCR combo for us that got much use in the coming months.
Hargiss, Valencia, Baldwin, Bo, Vito, Tom, and Benny in front of the bowling alley.
Steve and Michelle Diehl. She was one of the wives who made the last minute trip from Yuma.
Tom Hodges and his wife in front of the ship before we left.
Tom Dearborn: Fleet Marine, Salty dog, and combat veteran.
Getting on the ship to show a few people around.
Edgar, Werner, Ellis, Hodges, Dearborn, and Davis.
View from aft of Curtiss, looking at a target ship behind us.
Looking down at the fantail as we pull out of the dock.
The last sight of California as we left.