Ship Life I

Finally, we are on our way (again) and the long ride continues. By the way, we blew the second boiler not to long after we left but just limped along until we arrived. No hot water, backed up toilets, ankle deep sewage in the head, no circulating air, and a close call involving a fire down below and a stuck water pump caused us to almost abandon ship. But here is proof that we were out there...
An incredible downward shot of the ship's keel coming out of the Indian Ocean.
The keel going back down (the ship drops about 35 feet.)
Same stuff, different ocean.
Bo Mortenson(l) and Benny Acord(r) sticking their heads out of the mooring hole, 75 feet above the water. By the way, we would probably have been court martialed if we were caught doing this.
Rob Doyle with one of the most classic shots I have ever seen. 
Rob Doyle looking out at the storm we are about to encounter. Notice the mist kicked up by the churning ocean.
Tom Dearborn waiting for the storm.
Tom Dearborn crapping his panties as the storm rages.
Calm seas after the storm.
Feeding the bird from Port Hueneme that now resides in Bahrain.