Ship Life II

Going inside the ship, we find daily life aboard, what's the word?.... SUCKS!!  But we make the best of it.
Inside the berthing area of the ship where we stored our rifles on the bulkhead.
Pat adapting to ship life. He is inside one of our maintenance vans.
Me being quite seasick. I think I spewed shortly after this picture was taken.
OJ Valencia (l) and Benny Acord (r) watching the TV/VCR provided by Bo's parents. We watched the same movies over, and over, and over again...
ROB! You should not be dipping in the vans!!!
Benny Acord mugs it up for the camera.
Damn it Rob, I said not to dip in the freakin' vans!!!!
Tom Dearborn (l) and Shane Maxey (r) troublshooting a highly technical piece of gear. I think they got it up and running in time for Mario to save the Princess.
Tom on a coffee run from the galley.
Tom Dearborn (l), me, and Tony (r) get cozy. Notice the war wound on my finger thanks to LCPL Brandon Scott.
Steve showing why he was dubbed "Mr. Sunshine."
Mike Mabe and his chipper self. Notice the sign I made when I got sick of people leaving the hatch open.