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This webpage is dedicated to Colonel William R. (Rich) Higgins, USMC, who disappeared on February 17, 1988, while serving as the Chief, Observer Group Lebanon and Senior Military Observer, United States Military Observer Group, United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (Palestine).

House of Representatives
Need to contact you Representative? Go here and you can find their homepage and/or email address.

Need to contact you Congressman? Go here and you can find their homepage and/or email address.

Darwin Awards
Yes, there are truly stupid people in this world and some of them do all others a favor and off themselves (hopefully before they procreate!!)

Marine Embassy Guard Association
Thanks for the mention but please update my page!!!

The United States Navy Cruiser Sailors
We welcome aboard all those that served aboard cruisers. This includes all ship's company, Marine Detachment, aviation division, Flag personnel and Midshipmen and widows of deceased members that served aboard cruisers. Associate memberships are available for past and present Navy men and  women, reservists, widows of cruiser Sailors and Marines, Allied Navy, and interested individuals. For more information, email Our webpage is:

Sgt Grit's Page
Great page to buy Marine Corps stuff. They prove my theory that you slap the eagle, globe, and anchor on anything, and a Marine will buy it!!

Again they Serve
A wonderful site that welcomes any former or retired Marine, of any age or rank. Can you spare one day a month to join the Semper-Fi Memorial Honor Detail? We carry the colors, Play taps, fire a rifle salute, fold and present the flag to the next of kin at the Riverside National Cemetery. All you need to join is a uniform and desire to honor veterans who were promised this ceremony when they were in the service.

United States Marine Corps Officer Candidates School
By candidates, for candidates

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