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Now that I have been away from the UW NROTC for a few years, I have run into more than a couple old friends who find my web page and ask "When are you going to post a page about the old Unit?"  Well, I think it is about time that I do just that. So here it is, folks.

I attended the University of Washington (a life-long dream) from Fall of 1994 to Spring of 1997 as a MECEP student, Marine Sergeant, and Technical Communications major. Here is some "stuff" I accomplished while there.

An article for the school paper, The Daily, about Veteran's Day
A paper I wrote about the World Wide Web when it was relatively new
A paper I wrote about the future of amphibious warfare
The detailed after-action report for the Joint Service Review
    I include this for three reasons:
        1. To show how much of a massive undertaking this was
        2. To share this report with anyone at UW who is smart enought to use it
        3. I was told it was the best AAR ever written about JSR

Book Reviews
    First to Fight
    The Right Stuff
    A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes

    This is some advice I put out to the other Marine Options when the new Commandant at the time, General Krulak, put out his "Five Pillars" of being a Marine.

My favorite professor: Professor Jon Bridgman

I was chosen to carry the Marine Corps Colors for the opening ceremony of an NFL game. It was the Seattle Seahawks vs. The Greenbay Packers and there were more cheeseheads than Hawk fans. In this picture, I am the only one totally obscurred. BTW, the Packers beat the snot out of the Seahawks.


Commanding Officer:    Capt Orvis
Executive Officer:        Commander Walls

Marine Officer Instructors
    The first :      Major Detriquet
    The second:    Major Ryman
    The third:      Major Becker

Assistant Marine Officer Instructors
    The first :        Gunney Sergeant Davis
    The second:    Gunney Sergeant Buckley

Class instructors:
    Lieutenant Loschinkohl
    Lieutenant Tippie

Enlisted Staff
    Admin Chief:      YNCS (SS) Sexton
    Supply Officer:    SKC Gacad

Staff Admin
    Pamela Howes
    Gina Zagala
    Juan the Barber

Class of 1997 Graduating Seniors
        2ndLt Jason D. Grose
        2ndLt David S. McElliott
        2ndLt Christopher H. Sheppard

        Ensign Christopher D. Churahan
        Ensign Ronald M. Couture
        Ensign Don B. Cross
        Ensign Charles Q. Cutshaw
        Ensign Zachary J. Evans
        Ensign David I. Kaiser
        Ensign James W. Stewart
        Ensign David M. Trottman

Active Duty Students

        Sergeant Michael Blakemore
        Staff Sergeant Robert Brown
        Sergeant Francisco Caceres
        Sergeant Gregory Eckhart
        Staff Sergeant Jeni Froehlich
        Staff Sergeant Thomas Guthrie
        Sergeant Matthew Patmon
        Sergeant Jeremy Thompson
        Sergeant David Vaughan

        OC Jerome Alina
        OC Brian Browning
        OC Corey Carter
        OC Mike Chaparro
        OC Ken Monfore
        OC Allen Rutledge
        OC Margorie Vigal

        Midn Dustin Schouten
        Midn Anthony Smith
        Midn Sara Stillion
        Midn Sherrilyn Stone
        Midn Eugene White

        Midn Cynthia Chan
        Midn Shawna Crooker
        Midn Jesse Flores
        Midn Anthony Garrett
        Midn Meldy Hernandez
        Midn Holly Holmberg
        Midn Steven Killion
        Midn Kevin Kuginskie (Marine Option) (TC degree)
        Midn Steven Kuhl
        Midn Aaron Lana
        Midn Patrick Lazzaretti
        Midn Steven Lowe
        Midn Micah Mattson
        Midn Neal Osterhaus
        Midn Chad Timmons (Marine Option)

        Midn David Anderson
        Midn Jennifer Bryce
        Midn Kendra Christensen
        Midn Christopher Conner
        Midn Eric Dendy
        Midn Lindsay Drydale
        Midn John-Michael Elms (Marine Option and Reservest)
        Midn Daniel Hansen
        Midn Jason King
        Midn Holli Klages
        Midn Brian Maynard
        Midn Michel Nash (TC degree)
        Midn David Nava
        Midn Jason Peddicord
        Midn James Sather
        Midn Joel Swenson
        Midn Johnny Thomas
        Midn Charles Williams
       Midn Ali Winters (TC degree)
        Midn Scott Worthington
        Midn Bryan Yetter

        Midn Reginald Alencastro
        Midn Andrew Brick
        Midn Michael Chinn
        Midn John Collins
        Midn Tamara Conant
        Midn Christopher Doner
        Midn Suzanne Dunn
        Midn Rebecca Farley
        Midn Terrell Fox (Marine Option)
        Midn Tyler Furukawa
        Midn Nicholas Gamiz
        Midn Gregory Harkins
        Midn Luke Hartsock
        Midn Casmer Heilman
        Midn Rebecca Lenac
        Midn Samuel Long
        Midn Devin Marks
        Midn Terra McIntyre
        Midn Tracy Meyer
        Midn Troy Moss
        Midn Stacie Oaks
        Midn Billy Rios
        Midn Antonio Scauzillo
        Midn Jonathan Sedun
        Midn Roberto Segarra
        Midn Patrick Severson
        Midn Chris Smith
        Midn Stephan Snider
        Midn Adam Stolen
        Midn James Thompson
        Midn Stephen Thompson
        Midn Ryan Wiener

Others I can't forget
        Sergeant Allen
        Midn Toby Dyer
        Sergeant Trent Gibson (here is a pic of the shadow box we gave him when he graduated)
        Capt Gilmartin (Navy)
        Midn Kaczynski
        Midn Brandon Kidd
        Midn Mizel
        OC Neal
        Midn Tim Pochup
        Midn Roberts
        Capt Stromberg

Please help me keep this site going...