Gentlemen and all who have worn the eagle, globe and anchor:

Yesterday at the Pentagon, one of today's generation of the proud and the few showed all of us the true meaning of "Semper Fidelis."

A corporal from 8th & I standing guard duty at the Pentagon Tuesday morning was close to the point of impact of the jetliner that crashed into the building, his uniform on fire, he peeled off his clothes and in his skivvies rushed into the hell to rescue victims of the disaster along with one of his Marine buddies.

Trying to pull a lady from the rubble, something fell upon his hands and broke his fingers. He continued his desperate work until his buddy grabbed him by the shoulders to restrain and get him medical help. When his fellow Marine touched his shoulders and arms, the skin came off the corporal into his friend's hands.

I wanted to give you his name and address at Bethesda Naval Hospital, but his sister said that he was not ready to receive cards and letters. He is angry. He wants to be a warrior and already knows that his career in the Corps is over. 3rd degree burns over his upper body and numerous wounds from flying debris have pretty well decided that. As soon as he is stabilized, he will be sent to the Air Force burn center in Texas.

God bless our young men who wear and honor our uniform.

Bob Dosh, F-2-l, The Chosin Few, (Jacksonville, FL)

Forwarded by Bernie Eveler