Since 1995, I've been maintaining this site at my own expense. It has been a work of love and will continue to be such even if I never receive a single donation. It has never, nor will it ever be, about making money.

But to accomplish the level of quality that I think this site deserves, I'm finding that the monetary expense is increasing to the point where I feel I must ask for a little help. I considered many ways to do this but decided that things like subscriptions or annoying pop-up windows were not the way to go.

What I decided upon was to simply ask for voluntary donations. This way, if you enjoy the site and feel compelled to assist me on keeping it evolving, you can just send me a little donation to help with the costs. If not, well, that's your option and you are still welcome to visit the site for as long as you like.

I thought that if I could just get $1 from each visitor, that would cover the costs of maintaining the site. Obviously, more is welcome but rest assured, it will all be spent exclusively to maintain and improve the site.

Here are some of the costs you can help me cover.

Thanks to these people for donating

So if you are so inclined, please accept my thanks in advance and go here ------>

-- Jason D. Grose